Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) offers a powerful solution for data-driven marketing, but operating an RTCDP can be complex and challenging. In this webinar, industry experts Axel Schaefer from Adobe and Maria Aagaard from Accrease will break down the key components of successfully managing an RTCDP.

Join to gain insights on how to effectively manage your CDP, maximize its potential, ensure proper governance, and navigate common challenges. We'll equip you with actionable strategies, hands-on examples, and insider tips to transform these challenges into opportunities. This webinar is designed to help you enhance your understanding, sharpen your skills, and make the most of your investment - ultimately driving superior results for your business.

Agenda in this masterclass:

RTCDP 101: understanding the fundamentals and different perspectives 
RTCDP Management: justifying Investments, maximizing capabilities, and structuring your organization
Governance in RTCDP: data accuracy, security, and compliance
Hacks & Tricks for RTCDP Success


    * Understand the fundamentals of a Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP), its benefits, and its unique perspectives.

    * Gain strategies on how to justify your investment in an RTCDP.

    * Learn how to maximize your RTCDP's potential and capabilities.

    * Get insights on the optimal organizational structure for managing an RTCDP.

    * Discover the role of governance in RTCDP, ensuring data accuracy, security, and compliance.

    * Overcome common RTCDP challenges with actionable strategies and hands-on examples.

    * Implement effective hacks and insider tips for RTCDP success.

    * Walk away with a clearer understanding of how to use an RTCDP to drive superior results in your business.

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