Accrease is growing!

Recently, new hires joined a team of experienced and highly skilled experts from different backgrounds. One of these bright minds is Anders W. Beese, now Lead Consultant - Digital Transformation at Accrease.

Like-minded visions of professional growth and a good chemistry with Accrease’s core team led to a promise of collaboration to launch 2019 as a year of progress and expansion. Former Digital Performance Manager at Telenor DK, focused on improving performance and sales through data driven insight of customer journeys and leading omni-channel architecture, Anders Beese is now forging a new future in international consultancy always empowering customer experience through the efficient use of data.

Taking data to the race tracks

For Anders Beese, the main criteria for evolving from his past position with Telenor to being part of the Accrease adventure was the opportunity to work alongside high performing individuals. That, and his drive for and expertise on building tangible user journeys through data driven decisions. Where Anders Beese brings a significant contribution is in the step following implementation. Most companies struggle with bridging the strategy and planning to the execution on an operational level, linking digital corporate strategy with digital operations. He sees himself as that link, a sort of hybrid. “I’m not the driver but I know how to drive the cars,” states Anders Beese, comparing the building of new tech stacks to a day at the race track.

“I make sure drivers are driving cars with strategies that generate value for the company. It’s about bridging the two elements of performance and how we utilize the car to the full potential. I’m like a performance mechanic, with a headset, looking at the numbers and seeing if all is going as planned and if we can get more power out of the cars.” 

Over the years of fine-tuning his skills in growth hacking and helping companies become data-driven, Anders Beese has developed a creative perspective on how to utilize tech stacks and how to bridge the essential elements to the logic and the UI. “It’s by rapidly conducting experiments and serving the right content at the right time that you find the variables that indicate growth and opportunity.” What Anders Beese has learnt from collaborating with great minds that create machine learning algorithms and data scientists is that, “the models are no brighter than the variables we put into them.” Having the best minds in the organizations and having the best catalog of data means, “becoming data driven instead of always running on intuition.’

The importance of single view of the customer

When asked how he feels a single view of the customer drives success for a company, Anders Beese answers, “it depends on who you’re asking in the organization.” He sees there being a significant difference between using it as leverage in terms of being better at using spent in the marketing eye for driving traffic, but also being used to enable anticipation and prediction of traffic patterns that come into the digital platforms. “It’s about capturing the right content at the right moment.” As he sees it, in order to save money and budget allocated to marketing for driving traffic, it’s more of a need for quality over quantity. Whether sending the right message or intercepting the right questions all at the right time - it’s essentially about enriching the customer experience.

The goal is creating a unified experience across platforms. His previous task as Telenor DK was just that, creating that one perspective.

“I did it through collaboration. I’m not an engineer. I’m not a linker. I’m a bridge builder between different sections of the organization.”

In his role he best achieved this by creating an agile team that he assisted from the implementation of the architecture and made sure it was catered punctually to appropriate experts.

“Defining the audience of user journeys and especially defining problems to solve for the user are crucial, so it eventually becomes an outside-in versus an inside-out perspective of the customer.” It’s only once those elements are in place that Anders Beese imagines one can start building the foundation composed of the tech stack, the logic, and the UI. Centralizing those three elements around the content and the user experience also requires considering them as columns enforced by very specific and agile individuals. In the realm of tech stacks it’ll be IT, in UI it’ll be designers and service engineers, in logic it’ll be data miners, and all are required to collaborate fluidly and incrementally. “The trick is once you get those specialists collaborating, you have people from three different silos in the organisation that need to collaborate incrementally to create minimal viable product solutions or journeys that can be scaled up to deliver the concept that you want to work with - that’s the core of proving concepts that matter within the tech stacks that you already know.”

Being part of Accrease

Accrease is an international consultancy that helps companies use data to answer high value questions that drive improved customer experience, revenue and profitability. Offering high quality services in data architecture and collection, real time audience scoring and personalisation, monetisation of data-driven initiatives, and empowering digital transformations, Accrease capitalizes on using the best minds in the field to collect and integrate relevant data for personalized experiences helping companies connect with their customers and achieve successful results. Accrease believes in placing the customer first and sees high value in how data changes communication, from the strategy to the implementation.

Accrease can be considered as a true remote entreprise, with a philosophy of hiring employees internationally based on talent, not on the constraints of working from a given location. Accrease knows potential resides in an outward focus towards the international, thriving on the richness that results from diversity and cultural plurality. Having no limits in location means there are no limits when providing business solutions, especially when emphasis is placed on hiring individuals that embody the brand’s high integrity, high quality, and transparency.

In the first days joining the Accrease team, Anders Beese flew to Norway to establish a physical contact with clients. This notion of duality bridging the physical and digital worlds, much like the hybrid race car he identifies with, is primordial in his new role. Meeting with clients, customers and experts is the best fuel to get into the right rhythm for creating and utilizing techstacks. “Because we are often working with data minds, BI, IT, designers, marketing, online departments, and so on, it is important to also have a physical presence and establish a good dialogue.” It’s what gets those cars running, and those drivers zooming efficiently on track.